Stories of Inspiration

What may seem like the obvious isn’t so much to others. And lately, I’ve forgotten about what I am most passionate about and where I draw those moments of clarity. I think it’s safe to say, many find it in music.

Music is, in its all sincerity the source of human approaches and stories, stories that we all share and love and cry about together. What may move one person, may not for others. Yet, the ability that music moves and is ever changing as well as forever evolving is pretty incredible. Read More

Simple words like I’m Sorry…

If life gave us the opportunity, how many would want to take back an event or series for some, due to misjudgment and error? How many of us would want to go back and take a few extra minutes to think things through before taking the indulgence only to be rudely awakened the next day to realize the substantial damage that you might have caused. So grateful and thankful that no one was incarcerated or in physical harm.

Unfortunately, this rings too familiar with so many. It’s called being young, naïve and wanting to experiment. Read More

Internationally Known and Rocking the Microphone

The universal language of music seems to be pumping in neon lights displayed across the 2,750 seats in the auditorium of the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta, GA Friday night, a truly electrifying moment. The patrons standing on their feet are eagerly awaiting their favorite band to start the show. Only a few moments later the room is filled with eruptions of screams and enthusiasm from those who call themselves die-hard fans also known as iGOT7’s. This explosive energy that exudes from every fan, is met equally by exuberant performers. GOT7.

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Harlem Shake Kids Version 2.0

In 2013, the airwaves of the infamous Harlem Shake phenomena was starting to take over the world. What started with a group of kids with an incredibly catchy, while some would agree annoying song, would appear to be doing mundane things before the bass beat drops and mayhem  would fill our screens. Participants would dance in outrageous costumes, standing on desks, out in public, before the song would slowly come to an end and the participators would seamlessly go back to doing what they were doing. Read More


Shia LaBeouf has been in the spotlight for many years. Often being attributed to causing media frenzy like wearing a paper bag over his head on the red carpet with words like “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANY MORE”, or his infamous disorderly conduct at local bars. While he has been successful in the box office, the amount of publicity both good and bad (is there really a thing called bad publicity?has made him the target of scrutiny to the public over recent years.  Read More

365 Days with the Tiger’s Class

This year has been so many things for me. A journey that promised challenges I thought I would never have to endure. Trials that arise when committing to live in a foreign country, learning the culture and language  for the first time. Through it all, the year has brought certainty and clarity in myself, those around me and those that will get to know me in years future.
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