Wise Up Ghost

What happens when you bring together a legendary artist known for his musicianship as a songwriter with one of the freshest, and hip band most will recognize from the Jimmy Fallow Show, The Roots? Simply energetic and refreshing. Perhaps a genre most will not know how to label.

Costello’s eccentric underground rock nuance compliments The Roots’ ability to “keep things fresh” with their contributions of live music through the components of instruments that provides Costello with an electric, rocky, neo-soul and hip hop piece to this album. The combination creates the perfect mixed blend of cool, unearthed and unfaltering raw energy. A perfect collaborative union in my opinion.

The often described jazzy Jimmy Fallon house band incorporates their electric approach to hip hop to waken up the retro sound Costello brings with his unique and resounding lyrical verses. No longer are, “…Oliver’s Army here to stay, [nor] Oliver’s Army are on their way…” Instead, Costello utilizes unaltered vocals and minimal production value. Risky and simple packed with story telling content carried by heavier instrumental partnerships to create this wonderfully blended sound made for an ingenious album full of fun and dance-able tunes for appeal.

A note to those dedicated Costello fans: If you are looking for his signature synchronicity of melodies that threads most of his album, you will be disappointed as this album carries much progression and departs from what many of his fans may be used to. However, any progression in the music is a movement forward and signifies growth as an artist- Elvis Costello certainly does so in this album with The Roots, embracing changing times, and progression in the music industry. I urge you to pick up your copy!

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