Need a post break-up anthem? Passion Pit’s “Gossamer” is just the remedy for such events. Among the many perfected electronic upbeats, lay the undertone of sorrow, anger, pain, self-ridicule and courage that is needed in relationships, however romantic or platonic it may be. Passion Pit assures us “I’ll be alright” in coming out stronger. 

Gossamer is more or less of a self-addressed letter to issue so that the narrator and the listeners understand the pitfalls and confusion and battles in ones own mind in confronting his or her own “demons” and wars much like “hideaway.” The honesty portrayed in “love is green” hits the bulls eye. The truth hurts sometimes, and sometimes it is the only way to deal with what we so desperately want to avoid-our truest forms of who we are. This vulnerable and often self deprecating form of facing our own faults and fears, somehow allows the subject of each song to realize the pitfalls make us who we are, it tests our selves in knowing who we are and to those around us we can be for someone else. An excellent sophomore underrated album that more people need to be exposed to.

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