Cooking with Kids

Today was “make rice balls” day in school. Korean rice balls as it turns out is consisted of a few very basic things that the students LOVED eating. In the previous days’ class, we made chef hats for each student that they were able to draw, color and decorate and also wore proudly…for the most part.

Rice balls consist of some main ingredients. First, a bed of rice. Next any vegetables and or meat chopped up. The students then used their tiny little hands to mix the cooked bed of rice with their favorite items such as lettuce, ham, carrots, green onions and thinly cut dried seaweed pieces sprinkled on top for decorative purposes. The more colorful and variety in colors seemed to be a greater hit with the students as we were mixing away. Then came the fun part. Each student placed a small mouthful amount in their palm and started to roll the rice into balls to eat during their lunch.

I have never seen a group of children be so excited about making their own lunches. From conversations we were having in class, many made references to being like their mom and dads preparing in the kitchen. Whether in South Korea or home, children do feel a great sense of accomplishments when treated like little men and women. It both was touching and sweet to witness…and also very messy. However, as you can see, these children seemed to love every minute of it.


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