Miracle of Lucy

The afternoons are spent teaching some of the older students ranging from the first graders, who have very limited English capabilities to the fourth graders, who in essence really grasp the language and can carry full conversations. Spending time with six year old students for the majority of my day, I thoroughly look forward to walking into a classroom full of students eager to learn and invite me in with a “Hello, Ms. Katie” every Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Today, while we had some free time at the end of class, Angela asked me “Ms. Katie, what is your favorite show? Mine is Mr. Bean.” First of all, I’d like to mention that I have NEVER known Mr. Bean to be so popular. He doesn’t do much, does he? But the entertainment factor I suppose for these young Korean children seem to be enough.
I told them my favorite television series: I Love Lucy and Friends. Friends obviously would not be appropriate to play for these young buds figuring out English, so I put on I Love Lucy’s “Switching Jobs”
Roars of laughter and many “hee hee hee’s later, three students asked me if we could watch it everyday. To say that I would fly across the world to find a common factor of entertainment with children that probably could be age of my children if I had any, was more than just a musing, it was downright amazing!
Who knew comedic relief would translate to a group of nine year olds.
Mr. Dave (one of the other foreign teachers) approached me and asked if I had shown his class an I Love Lucy Episode. When I said, I did. He exclaimed, “that’s one of my favorite shows!” Coincidence, comic relief in an otherwise very stressful environment, fate, compatibility…call it what you may, but today, thanks to Ms. Lucille Ball, I jumped over some hurdles with not only my students, but my colleague.
It’s what I’d call a successful day at work.

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