Sticker Life

Stickers have somehow managed to become my life. I have been living and breathing stickers. Of all kinds. Teaching students from such young ages, I often forget some of the simple things that they are attracted to. No matter how much time I spend writing that capital letter M on the board, the students have become conditioned to get a reward for doing whatever it is that their teacher asks them to do. I’ve learned that in such a setting like a school, young students want stickers. Something tangible that they could keep and take home and even show off to their friends.

For boys, I find that stickers from Power Rangers (can you believe they’re still around?) to pretty much anything set out from Marvel will do the trick. And for the girls, nothing beats shiny, sparkly hearts and Disney princesses. I suppose it’s not really a surprise that young boys want the action starts and heroes while the girls want the pretty dainty fairytale women in pretty pretty dresses. What has been surprising however, is that there is this level of bargain that these young students have picked up from home? or among their peers.
Today, my six year old students were asked to paper mache a drawing for the class. This consisted of just three basic colors to make a ninja artwork come to life.
Four of my 7 students immediately turned and asked me,

Miss Katie, if I finish this quickly, will you give me another sticker I can take home?”

How do you turn down a six year old? You don’t. Under any circumstances, you can’t. Because soon will follow a hysteria of cries and upset little children. Instead you hope to encourage them to do a little more. But aren’t I then feeding into this bargaining tool?

Stickers have become my life.

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