Gapeon River Walk

I intended today to be just a leisure day exploring my area…You know, hop on a subway, find the river, take a long walk alongside it, enjoy the cool breeze, take some pictures with my camera. That sort of thing on my day off. I was also very excited to put on a short sleeve t-shirt today after having to wear sweaters for the past two months which this California girl is not used to doing. So looking forward to the 72 degree weather, I walked out of my apartment to go in search for the river for the day. Instead, I was sat on, on the subway (for the second time taking the public transportation.

Am I invisible???) got out to humidity I have never felt before. 72 degrees apparently means 89 degrees in Korea with a chance of 95 percent humidity. I was hoping to be able to get closer to the water hoping for some cool down temperatures. What I experienced was a herd of mosquito and small insects that insisted on following me for the entire 5 miles I walked. I walked into a brunch café (hooray I’m starving!) I asked for a mango bingsoo (shaved ice) and was told that they ran out of mango. No problem, so I asked for strawberry one instead. My buzzer rang to pick up my order that took all of 20 minutes to make (maybe there’s no one to blend the ice?) and out came a small cup of strawberry juice. When I asked her if this was my order, she said yes. When I told the cashier that this was not what I had ordered, she said “No Problem, that’ll be 8,000 won please.” So here I am at a brunch place unable to have something to quickly bring my internal temperature back to normal and refusing to pay for another order and wait around for another 25 minutes until someone can make it.

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