I woke up this morning missing home. It’s been almost two months since I’ve gotten here. And it isn’t that I’m having an awful time here in Korea, but I miss familiarity. I miss some of the simpler things I took for granted at home. For instance, I miss being able to get in a car and drive somewhere. Anywhere without thought. I haven’t had a “get up in the morning and take a drive somewhere for the day” kind of day in quite a long time. I also miss hearing my mom’s voice. The way she would call just to check in. Living 17 hours ahead makes it extremely difficult to find the time to sync up in conversation. I haven’t quite gotten the hang of reaching a happy medium in Korea.

It’s always one or the other extreme it seems. Lay in bed all day or go and run on zero sleep visiting different cities with friends who are far too far away for comfort. There’s been an interesting line that I have been trying to balance at work with my fellow coworkers. I am with these people almost 9 sometimes 10 hours a day, yet when they want to go out, I have learned its never just dinner. It usually consists of dinner and drinks, second round of drinks, third round of drinks elsewhere, maybe end the night at a club or karaoke bar until you stumble home only to say hello to a sickening hangover the next day. I suppose some of these foreigner teachers have acclimated to the Korean customs very well. So I opt to go home and putter around. Get some writing in, read, surf through Netflix (which I am relying on far too often). It’s funny, Monday through Friday I know what is asked of me. I know what my job is and it keeps me busy for the week. What I am not good at is figuring out Friday night-Sunday night. It’s difficult. And I don’t think I really knew the extent I would feel. There are more times that I find myself completely isolated and alone and just with my thoughts. And normally I am okay with that. But lately, it’s become more apparent that I miss home every day.

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