Korea’s Youtube Face

It’s been a hectic few weeks here. Between level standardized tests, to submitting grades, dealing with parents who always see the narrow and small picture depicted in the form of one sentence in a 10 sentence report card comment, I have been completely exhausted. It probably doesn’t help that the weather is quickly becoming hot and humid a we get into June.

A few things while I was away. Korean music suitable for my liking has been incredibly challenging to discover. Apparently the few artists I’ve come to really like are in labeled as “Korean folk-pop” category according to iTunes.

That’s something I miss. I feel like organic musicianship is difficult to come by here in Korean. Maybe it’s just in Daejeon. Musicians are less accessible and live venues are less advertised, if at all.

Then as I was browsing online, I came across someone I thought was a host of a show. A terribly run “American” show that was supposed to resemble the likes of Access Hollywood or Entertainment Tonight back home, doing a job that I want, I need to do! He is the Korean American who started as a youtube artist, but now hosts a show, is the liason between Asian Pop Culture and American interviewing people like Robert Downey Jr. Just a guy from Atlanta in Korea to pursue a singing career landing roles of what I studied to do. It’s incredibly frustrating and admirable if that makes sense. Makes me really think about possibilities here once my contract ends.

We’ll see…

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