Best Friend Consistencies

I have now been away from home for nearly five months now. And if there can only be one thing I would be allowed to miss, it would be consistency. As strange as that may sound, it can be anything from being able to go and get a bag of hot Cheetos at Ralphs and veg out with a movie at home, or plan a bff date usually consisting of a starbucks run, food, movie or the day taking pictures at what we deem to be the next “hot spot everyone needs to know about and gather at” and singing a bajillion songs at the top of your lungs…lets say in Echo park to Ceelo Green.

Not in any particular order. I miss my best friend. Someone who I didn’t see all the time, but certainly talked to a couple zillion times throughout the day whether it be via email, text, or on social media. (yes, we’re THAT cool). Having the time difference and pretty much all our days out of whack makes it hard. There’s something you can’t get from family that only your bfff in the whole wide world can give you. It might be a random story she thought she told you 40 minutes ago and is just continuing with. When in reality, she thought in her mind this conversation happened and it really didn’t. hahaha Or, an anecdote about the cute guy she ran into for the umpteenth time and he finally decides to act like a pal. Or the latest song her mom has improved to be tailored to her liking, lyrics and all. Or just a random laugh. It’s what I miss the most today and most days..This entry is dedicated to Kristina with a K (she’ll forever tell people until they become blue in the face because for whatever reason, people just don’t get it, even if it’s spelled out for ’em) started her own blog here: check out her page!

and I thought I would put her on blast publicly because I miss her so!

John Mayer

*true story: John Mayer Concert at the Verizon Amphitheater. Girl in the background decided she would publicly go the bathroom on the top part of the hill we were all sitting on*

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