Different Students, Different Bonds

I have been learning an enormous deal about connecting with the different students teach every day. In that sense, I am fortunate enough to have a variety of classes and students throughout my day, something i had been concerned about prior to starting my contract.

In the mornings I am with six year olds from 9-2pm while in the afternoon I teach first, second and the oldest of the bunch…fourth graders.

I suppose I am fortunate to be able to work with children from different grades…preteens are interesting and similar to those back home..with curious, curious, curious with a dabble of sassy and attitude: come to think of it, they’re exactly like the kids at home just over international waters :]

With my six year olds, I’ve become a foster parent: often the first ones they look for if they have gotten hurt, or someone hurt their feelings, or as of late…. ‘(insert student name here) is speaking Korean’ they take the point systems here very seriously! I’ve really come to enjoy being in this role…it could be my age and wanting children, maybe this job being around children all day or a combination of both. While both roles prove to be very different, they have become equally important over time.


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