Monday Blues

I have never been the coffee in the morning drinker. Maybe the occasional Starbucks run when I really needed a pick me up during the day. And definitely not the hot coffee drinker. However, being in Korea, I have found that finding not only a new rhythm in my life is so crucial but staying consistent with it is key.

There are so many other things I SHOULD be consistent with, with the remaining time here, but I found comfort in knowing that Starbucks does wonders when away from familiarity. The problem, with each trip usually ends with an exorbitant amount of money out of my pocket. Not because of the quantity of items, but because of the cost. So while I become addicted to the caffeine fix with each iced drink I purchase, I am comforted that I can have something from home every day.

Monday Blahs. Forward with the day…

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