Feel Good

One song, on this particular day, in this certain mood can significantly alter the type of morning you have. I suppose that is the wonderful thing about music: the universal predecessor of emotions. Mayer Hawthorne’s “Handy Man” started that for me on this Friday. Which led me to listen to this gem all morning. It started with this album years ago that led to frantic search for the Hawthorne umami burger:

Jimmy Kimmel, Troubadour, and a summer full of amazing-ness with the bff. It was one hell of a memorable summer, for sure. Well…next to chasing Nick Carter all over Los Angeles county that is.. :]

Anyway, blasting Hawthorne: I know my neighbors didn’t appreciate the noise at 8 am. However, I feel like it was a service desperately needed for this homogenous society that seem to play the same girl group, same boy group, same “artist” who insists on calling himself GD or another combination of letters.

So you’re welcome, Korea…welcome to the land of individuality and artistic craft in the world of music!

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