Before Cofee

Here are some thoughts before my morning cup of coffee or tea, basically any caffeine in my system:

For the first time in a long while I am up before the sun starts to rise and for whatever reason, as I am doing my stretches prior to going out for a run, a sense of worry and fear washed over me. And in that moment as I was looking out to the dark and what’s been my familiar for the past six months, overwhelming apprehension was seeping in.

As quickly as those feelings were just starting to settle in, I saw in the distance the sun starting to light the sky creating an incredibly beautiful canvas to start the day. Everything seemed less scary then.

It’s funny how these things work. Whether it be insecurities, uncertainty or the daily stress that may wear you down, I know soon I will be climbing another mountain of worries, thoughts and uncertainty. This time however, I know things will pan out differently. I will have brought with me a worldly me, one that has travelled (a bit) and one that has had the fortune to experience something that has been life changing. I take with me all the bad and the great hand in hand which has enabled me to become a stronger…me.

…and it’s only 7:14 am…off to start the day :]

now for some coffee!!

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