I would describe my perfect day taking a contemplative drive on a Sunday afternoon around Los Angeles, the sun, my backdrop of infinite possibilities and dreams. Trugman’s “Marionette” is the perfect soundtrack for such a day. It is a great melting pot of unassuming sounds of vulnerability and honesty-an excellent blend for self-reflection. 

The album exhibits similar innuendos that Radio head, Elliot Smith and Ray LaMontagne’s fans may be familiar with. However, his capabilities to also counterbalance with instruments, vocals and storytelling that John Mayer may incorporate, also shows his versatility as an artist and likability to cross genres to appeal a broader audience.

Lyrical content speaks volumes and is incredibly relatable. A refreshing perception and sound to the all too familiar feelings of those who have been in a relationship and has experienced the insurmountable trials that comes with it. I found myself having “Marionette and “All I can Do” on repeat.

A must purchase for anyone who would consider themselves a connoisseur of music!

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