Vacationing in Paradise

This post is four weeks late, life got in the way I suppose…better late than never:

Six months ago, I wouldn’t dare go in to a restaurant alone and sit down for a bite to eat…it’s true, my best friend could tell you the countless times I have laughed at her or responded with “I can’t believe you do that, or I’ve got to grow a pair and be like Rachel” *a FRIENDS reference* let alone even thinking about going on vacation by myself. Are you kidding? Alone, for more than 24 hours having to figure out all the things necessary in a foreign country..?? ANOTHER foreign country? Forget it.

But somehow, someway, I did. I went on my first vacation abroad in the Philippines.

Boracay was amazing. Yes, it wasn’t Hawaii, far from it, and yes I was woken up every morning at 3 am by the battle of roosters and YES, I was in a land full of foreigners visiting a third world country, essentially in sticky humidity, the seven hours layover in Manila was awful, the travel to Incheon airport from Daejeon was excruciating (how do people travel in Korea? A 3.5 hours bus to the airport only to sit and check in 2 hours early? another post on TRAVEL in Korea! )…however, once I landed and took a jetty port in waters bluer than I had ever seen, a sense of calm and peacefulness instantly brushed over me. I was nowhere near regular cellphone service, or data, or a wall outlet that would charge my phone in less than 4 hours for half battery life.

But it worked. For so many reasons, my six days in Boracay worked wonderfully and beautifully. I had done things I would have never thought to do. There were things I took for granted that I could have enjoyed by myself that I was too terrified to try.

Eating alone at a sit down restaurant proved to be quite liberating. I obviously couldn’t do that alone for too long, but I was so pleased that it wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be. I would much rather enjoy a meal out with friends. However, the experience was gratifying.

I also jumped off a boat. A BOAT! and a few times!

I am in no way an action seeker. Well, besides wanting to swim with the sharks that is. So this idea of following inebriated folks that were on the same island excursion, climbing on looking straight down into unknown deep deep waters, did not sound like such a smart thing to do. I can say, I did it and it was exhilarating!! It was not very high nor any way dangerous, really. But thrilling nonetheless and something I will never forget… where to jump off next? :]

I’ve met some incredible people that made the trip an amazing one. Memories that I take with me and often think about when I have one of those days. Ate the most amazing food I am now trying to take off post vacation four weeks later.(food posts all via instagram) And had the privilege to see some of the most gorgeous sunsets and swim in the cleanest and warmest waters I had ever seen. If every day I could wake up and see these views, I would be eternally happy. So I invite you to have little paradise in your day through what is Boracay…or paradise.

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