Christmas Shopping

The emails have started, the advertisements for discounts, the “start shopping early!” and the lists for unique gift wrapping paper to help the needy. It goes on and on. And this would be me in the middle of it all frantically looking for gifts, then cards, then boxes and bags and gift wrapping paper. Let’s face it, this would be us every year as the sales driven species we are and always looking for the greatest discounts for the nicest gifts to our loved ones.

Yet, somehow the idea that I won’t be a apart of this makes me a bit sad. Being abroad for a year, I didn’t think about all the special holidays I would be missing out on like Thanksgiving and Christmas. So As any one would, the Christmas gifts started early, however is strictly limited to online shopping. While the fun in shopping for gifts is the anticipation of what someone would like, the bigger satisfaction comes from watching their faces when the presents are opened on either the Eve of or Day.

In my case, unfortunately, I will not be a part of either events. So I shop for all my loved ones online and hope that they not only receive their gifts on time, but enjoy it as much as I had enjoyed picking them out.

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