Always Carry Pen & Paper

I wish I could say it’s the true hearted journalist in me. Maybe it is. But in the past year I keep telling myself every time I reach for a post it that I should really carry a notebook of some some sort with me because you don’t know when you’ll need to write it down. And yes, while the technologically savy person says “well, duh..that’s what you’re phone is for!,” I would like to think our society is capable of going a day without our phones and logging everything in for the rest of the world to see.

And why put everything into our phones? I always fear that nothing is ever really that secure. Our identities get stolen every day. There are people who do this professionally and live off by stealing social security numbers, credit numbers and bank statements. Remember the Walmart fraud a few years ago? I’ve had business meetings with mangers stressing the importance of locking sensitive paper away in the “recycling” room because other financial institutions had the night janitorial crew take pieces of scrap paper from the waste paper baskets and hack into people’s bank accounts. I’ve also had my identity stolen TWICE. Both times working for a financial institution-irony? paranoia? I think not!

So while this post wasn’t at all about a rant on identity theft, I wanted to make a point. If at any given moment you were to mug me, you would find in the contents of my purse, something like the above picture. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I live off of post-it notes. Grocery lists, to do lists, inspirational quotes, the occasional miscellaneous memo to self, or list of things to buy in the near all finds its way into the bottom of my purse. So why won’t I carry something put it all in one place for? well, my honest fear is that that, will also be flooded with post its taped on to the back of my notes.

Lately however, I find things that my students say, or I read some ridiculously humorous anecdote in a text book while teaching and find that had I had a notebook or a trapper keeper (who remembers those??) small enough to carry with me I could really physically get back to it sooner rather that later.

I’m making it my personal goal this upcoming year, 2016 to incessantly write things down. I find that as cliché as it may seem, writing with pen and paper has always proven to be the way to go. Maybe it could go on the top of my New Year’s Resolution. Better to start this now than weeks in, right?

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