Restoring Faith in Humanity

I suppose the youthful trio revealed behind Wong Fu Productions have been praised before on their cumulative accolades of recognition from the YouTube community. Their success primarily stemming from shorts presented to more than two and a half million subscribers worldwide.

And reasonably so. Their range of topics has a spectrum of satire threaded brilliantly and effortlessly  in clever relevance.

Everything Before Ustheir first feature film, certainly has some unique elements often unexplored in today’s world of filmography. And in true form to the backbone of Wong Fu Productions, this film explores some of those life lessons we all learn with trial and error, miserably at times.

The film follows four main characters as their relationships develop, implode and ultimately illustrate a very poignant element in today’s technologically savy run society through the use of the D.E.I., The Department of Emotional Integrity.

Its premise, the idea that integrity is our fundamental layout and core values to function in society is blatant and satirically balanced to create a humorous and heartrending film that needs to be watched by all.

The theme is simple and dynamic that can be summed up by a pivotal exchange between two of the main characters. Ben who has, as Oprah would say an “A ha moment” says,

End things in a way that’s worthy of that love…

While most may see this film as a beginning, middle and end of a romantic relationship between two people. And how we end those however brief or lengthy relationships may detrimentally alter other aspects of our lives such as applying for a small business loan, applying for a job or going on that dream study abroad program based on your emotional integrity score, this film becomes applicable in far more societal norms that I feel reaches a broader audience.

Perhaps this film needs access to a larger forum so that more viewers, supporters and fans old and new can explore just how integral a simple concept of integrity should be practiced. A perfect film for all to see this Holiday Season.


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