Inspiration in Perception

I read something in the wee hours of the morning unable to fall asleep. This quote was taken from an incredible article about a father who wrote a letter to his two young girls about the importance of possibilities for their future. While this article was written to show the immeasurable honesty in what our future holds with the possibility of a female president, it had me thinking. 

Well, that and a commencement speech from Wesley Chan of WongFu Productions and with the help of Ben Howard’s album in the background. But more on that album in another post. Anyway, I suppose it was a perfect concoction: the perfect music playing the background to get you in the mood, the perfect article to fumble on and then watching the perfect, or rather the unperfect but profound speech on Youtube. It really was like a scene from a movie. A movie that I don’t know many people would be interested in watching, but as Oprah says, you get your “a-ha” moments anywhere.

And this is where mine happened. The possibilities are ENDLESS ! They really are. See, I have been thinking that I was losing time some how, and part of it is true, time continues on this spectrum we call life, and once that time comes and goes, that’s it. But what I forgot to think about is this element that the possibilities can exponentially multiply. It can manifest itself into anything and reveal whenever it decides to come out and play. So to that, I am grateful.

The ideas and experiences I have gained will come in to play some how, some where, some time. And time isn’t something I can control. Is it? There’s no physical way to have it come sooner or later, it happens, when it happens. And I have learned with adaptability comes some unusual circumstances that may require that I prove my skill set. And for that, I am excited.

A round about way of saying, “I am excited for what the future holds for me, in the near future.”

But as Shonda Rhimes says in her, “Year of Yes,” DO the possibilities. Maybe I should take up her philosophy and try saying yes to every opportunity that comes, to see where it takes me. For the first time in a long time, I finally feel like both my hands have a grasp on that sturdy rock to help pull me up from suspension to climb the top.

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