Back to Human Basics

A few months ago I saw what could be best described as a performance from Shia LaBeouf through the exchange of emails with Dazed Magazine’s editor Aimee Cliff that led to a face to face encounter: two people sitting in a room with a GoPro strapped to their heads recording their experience. No words exchanged.

Then this morning, I had a conversation with my best friend about how much times have changed since we were growing up between the existence of human connection from one person to another. No more are the days that we pick up the phone to hear someone’s voice because we have the convenience of text messaging, emails, twitter and facebook. Yes, these platforms allow convenience, but I can’t help but think that in the process, we lost our abilities to communicate and be a human being.

Isn’t one of the greatest things about being us, finding that connection face to face and being able to feel and exist in a environment where we can genuinely see, feel and hear someone else’s reaction to us? If you think about it, we still seem to be struggling with the very idea. Even with applications like twitter, facebook, linked in and snapchat. We aim to make those “connections” with people to be seen, be heard and gain followers. Yet, because we are so reliant on these social applications, we become numb and introverted into becoming physically handicapped to do it in person.

It makes me frustrated that this fundamental human necessity is quickly disappearing.

And ironically enough, as much as I can go on and on, on my blog about it, the best probable impression would be to get this point across through a social platform like YouTube.

So, I challenge all those YouTube production companies and stars, to make one. Show that in 2016, young people are still capable of talking to those from different walks of life and haven’t forgotten the importance of those established moments. And however brief those moments may be, a moment none the less.

I would like to see this go viral of a simple idea: a necessary human attribute..a human connection face to face.


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