Cheers To The Fall

Stevie Wonder, Questlove, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Adele, Melanie Fiona and Amy Winehouse. All of whom are recognized for their astounding contributions to the music industry and all in association with this artist. Yet, the  “Cheers to the Fall” jazz soulful singer Andra Day is an underappreciated artist that every one needs to have added to their CD collection, should people still own CDs. Andra Day’s honest interpretation of music and sincerity in her performance sets her far apart from some of her peers. And Let’s not forget that none other than Stevie Wonder who discovered her.

While the San Diego native grew up around contemporary Christian music, she does not categorize herself in a genre which is illustrated in her “Cheers To The Fall” album, telling RollingStone Magazine, “whichever chord progressions move me…I’m going to put it together and not be worried about whether people can put me in a lane or not.”

Her album recognizes her and abilities to adapt in different genres from doo wop to her soulful anthem in “Rise Up.” Indicating the significance of such a powerful song stating that,

 “…we are all sort of a body working together…one piece isn’t better than the other. When this part is struggling I’m gonna help you, I’m gonna lift you up. If you’re going through pain, I’ll go through the pain with you. I will rise up for you…”

Most will recognize her from the heartfelt commercial for apple that stands alongside Stevie Wonder. However soon will realize the power house that is behind the unique and refreshing version of “Lose Yourself” in her most watched cover via her YouTube channel. Follow, purchase your copy as you cannot be disappointed with this innovative lyrical story teller.

More on Andra Day can be found on her website:





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