Say Yes to Everything Shonda Rhimes!

There is a reason that Shonda Rhimes has taken over television. She creates stories that captivate audiences worldwide to stop what they are doing to watch one of the many Shondaland television shows or at least record it on their devices and steer clear away from any and all social media in order to avoid spoilers.

Shonda’s work has become part of the English vernacular of our time. So, when picking up this book, or rather purchasing it via kindle, I made sure that I started the book when I would have no other interruptions, partly because I wanted to give it a unbiased chance as an avid reader. Ultimately, it was pushed back against other books “to read.”

“Year of Yes: How to Dance It out, Stand In the Sun and Be your Own Person” delivers, and delivers eloquently well. For any fans of her work, they will be pleased to know and will appreciate the nuances and appearances of some of their favorite television heroes in her book from Meredith Grey and Christina Yang, Olivia Pope to Professor Annalise Keating. And will be surprised to read how Shonda shared the heartache with millions of us  who wept when Christina Yang left Greys and how exactly close she was to the character. Wonder where Olivia Pope’s addiction to red wine and popcorn came from? Shonda herself!

What’s different from Shonda’s books in comparison to other television writers turned author, Shonda does an impeccable job at creating an honest and oftentimes cringe-worthy vulnerability that crawls under your skin where your forget she is the acclaimed writer and story teller of our time, in the best possible way.

It is more than just a story book, or a comedy (which “Year of Yes” definitely has) it explores the person, the human and the relatable individual Shonda Rhimes is to well, us. She has the same fears, she teaches in her first lesson, “DITCH THE DREAM. BE A DOER, NOT A DREAMER” and explains in detail how she became that person.

What started as a simple statement from her sister: “You never say yes to anything” becomes a way of life for Shonda that I am certain all human beings have shared experiences.

This Yes is about giving yourself the permission to shift the focus of what is a priority from what’s good for you over to what makes you feel good.

Whether you are suffering from chronic inhibitions in a social environment, or looking for inspiration to start something new for the year, a perfect new years resolution starter, Shonda Rhimes covers it all with humor, years of lessons and fun anecdotes for fans worldwide. A must pick up for all. Get your copy here!

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