Blank Canvas, Simple Enough Idea

Does the interpersonal moments exist between a 20 something yr old today and the world we live in with our devices?

An honest look at the perspective and going back to a human quality and necessity to connect with the people.

I was having this conversation with a friend a few weeks ago, and I still can’t seem to shake it off. Are there no documentaries or even shorts that exhibit this very idea? to ironically show the damages that this is causing society?

Living in South Korea for the past 365 days has made me become more aware of the pitfalls of how much we play into this device driven society where no one talks to anyone any more. I remember watching a video of Shia Labeouf  during a Dazed Magazine Interview where he and the writer sat in front of each other with gopro device attached to their heads and shared a wordless conversation through their reactions and facial expressions. How many people can do that? And how many of our young generation can do that, engage in a pleasant exchange of the present-ness with another human being without reaching for their phones to check twitter, instagram, etc.

I would really like to see a company like WongFu who have done projects that explore these human interactions and however satirical, get the point across. How refreshing would it be to see someone young interacting with a variety of people in their walks of life, just to simply go back to the basics of talking to another person, really talking to them.

I’ve been on the receiving end where 20 something year olds come in for a job interview and just can’t seem to convey intellectual conversation let alone try to impress the person to take a chance on them to give them the opportunity to work for them.

Is this our future teachers, doctors, lawyers, and some day, President of the United States? Terrifying, really once you think on a global scale.


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