Revelations from”Blood Brother”

Last week I wrote a blog a post about the importance of a human connection: one that we all strive to have, a human necessity. Then, Netflix suggested “Blood Brother”. Talk about my world being shattered. I highly recommend this film to anyone who needs a dose of reality and anyone who might be questioning or might be in search of how to make a difference in the world. What an amazing heartfelt and heart wrenching experience. 

Every single one of us has felt lost or less than hopeful in our futures. Call it immaturity, lost soul, hungry-driven to lucrative assets, running away to a foreign country to “figure it out” we have all needed some extra push to reignite inspiration. This film does exactly that. Filmmaker Steve Hoover follows his once lost soul friend, Rocky Braat on his journey to the villages of India where a once “fractured” Pennsylvania native finds inspiration, life and purpose among under privileged children in a HIV orphanage.

Braat dedicated years of his life uninhibited by fear to help the children in need who did not have anyone in their lives. Braat, who lives, works, and assists in healthcare, schooling as well as keeping them fed and most importantly giving a sense of relief from their pain, is truly astounding.

Here is a young man that has figured out how to be better utilized in serving those who needed help. This is a difficult film to get through. In that, it often shakes, stirs and breaks your heart in the reality of dealing with children who have nothing and are living with such a deadly disease. You are sure to come out of it humbled, inspired, and broken to be urged to do something about it. Hoover captures the true beauty of joy through the eyes of his friends’ journey and the beautiful children of India.

Please find your way to this website to contribute! All proceeds go to help the featured children from the film and many more that Braat and his wife have now dedicated their lives to help make better in raising awareness.




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