365 Days with the Tiger’s Class

This year has been so many things for me. A journey that promised challenges I thought I would never have to endure. Trials that arise when committing to live in a foreign country, learning the culture and language  for the first time. Through it all, the year has brought certainty and clarity in myself, those around me and those that will get to know me in years future.

It has changed me immeasurably. A large amount of my time in South Korea has been occupied with these children. Children that came from the very beginning, as innocent children attending an institution of primary education for the first time.
Some were eager to learn a new language that some day I hope they can say they love as much as I do, others had hurdles to overcome as with any foreign language. However, through the 365 days we have been together, they succeeded, stuck by me, exhibited unconditional love and they gave me something I could never express fully in words. They have shown me that I too can live and see the world as they did: pure, innocent, full of questions and curiosity that have made this year, a truly memorable and rewarding one. I will miss them tremendously.

Here is our journey together.

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