Shia LaBeouf has been in the spotlight for many years. Often being attributed to causing media frenzy like wearing a paper bag over his head on the red carpet with words like “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANY MORE”, or his infamous disorderly conduct at local bars. While he has been successful in the box office, the amount of publicity both good and bad (is there really a thing called bad publicity?has made him the target of scrutiny to the public over recent years. However in recent months, LaBeouf has been taking over social media in a new light. Some of his more obscure tactics in finding and bringing awareness to how social media shapes our lives, Shia LaBeouf has certainly been turning heads everywhere. Whether it be sitting in a secluded room with the “public” with unspoken words and allowing participants to essentially say anything to the actor’s face, or participating in a worldwide live stream of the actor watching his body of works alongside his public at a movie theater, LaBeouf has a unique way of creating, participating as well as intriguing the rest of the world watching.

I came across this video recently that showcases LaBeouf and his team of creative partners Nastja Säde Rönkkö and Luke Turner  in a project that allows documented calls throughout four days asking participants if they could “Touch [their] Souls.” The public was welcomed to attend the live stream to watch along with viewers at home as thousands tried their luck to get through.

This idea of performance art is very interpretive. And LaBeouf has found himself yet dismissed by critics time and time again as he tires to reach a level of art that is unusual for some, brilliant for others and strange for many. I however, in discovering this piece found it compelling and profound and essentially debunking my earlier theories of technology  shattering ll human connections and perspectives. Perhaps, when used correctly and the intent is pure (again, open for interpretation), it can be achieved as displayed in above streamed video.

More information of Shia LaBeouf’s performance art pieces found on his here.

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