Simple words like I’m Sorry…

If life gave us the opportunity, how many would want to take back an event or series for some, due to misjudgment and error? How many of us would want to go back and take a few extra minutes to think things through before taking the indulgence only to be rudely awakened the next day to realize the substantial damage that you might have caused. So grateful and thankful that no one was incarcerated or in physical harm.

Unfortunately, this rings too familiar with so many. It’s called being young, naïve and wanting to experiment. Or as most of us would call, living out  your twenties to make foolish mistakes and learn from them. Just that, mistakes.

While most can say they have had plenty of these experiences, now available for humorous anecdote, many do not have social media outlets to potentially ruin a career like that of in the international Kpop group GOT7 in the past few days.

We have those outlets to both thank and criticize for the responsibility of fame for many celebrities including Justin Bieber and Britney Spears and now on it’s list, GOT7.

Applications such as twitter, Instagram, facebook, and others like weibo, create wonderful connections to those that so many of us admire from afar, but the line of personal space and boundaries start to blur.

A few days ago I wrote an article praising this band “Internationally Known and Rocking the Microphone” discovering the success of Kpop in the US waters. And it seemed that it was all that was the topic at hand. However, come Tuesday afternoon, my feed was none like other.

Vicious comments like, “I hope they never come back to the US” or “Mark needs to stay away from his friends” and similar comments requesting that the band disband or immediately flee back to South Korea was all that was raging in the past 72 hours. “Mark needs to get rid of his so called ‘friends.'” The incredible amount of circulation going as far as death threats, over a pool wrap-up party?

After a successful run for their first US tour, the “Fly” singers of GOT7 spent the day celebrating their success over the past few weeks with friends and family. Live music was involved, reconnecting with friends new and old, family (parents, siblings and extended) and inevitably, some alcohol to initiate the soiree.

All seemed well until posts through Snapchat an Instagram started showing clips of the seven member band enjoying their stay alongside company. Here lies the larger issue of social media, recordings of underage drinking and derogatory slang being used was being broadcasted through the world wide web for all to view and criticize.

Could anyone have predicted that a pool party that family and friends created to celebrate a momentous occasion lead to security violations, and offend individuals through the entire twittersphere? Probably not.

And by no means am I justifying their behavior. Inviting friends to a concert and not being able to predict the rowdy behavior that was shown to the world, not the smartest choice. And having friends post on their social media of the pool party knowing the possibility that it could taint your innocent pop squeaky clean image? Again, another bad judgement call. However, should it allow a social outcry and threats to the well being of the band and its members?

We have better things to worry about in this world, unfortunately. Without getting into politics, I invite those to flip on the television every once in awhile.

Hopefully hard lessons are learned in this example of international artists who, just like anyone else is looking to have a great time. Issue a sincere apology and perhaps next time, take a page out of your own rulebook and ditch the recording devices.

Maybe try to enjoy the few moments you have with the people that you don’t get to see often, or do the smart thing and hire a great publicist. That would have saved you in this mess. I’m available 🙂




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