Stories of Inspiration

What may seem like the obvious isn’t so much to others. And lately, I’ve forgotten about what I am most passionate about and where I draw those moments of clarity. I think it’s safe to say, many find it in music.

Music is, in its all sincerity the source of human approaches and stories, stories that we all share and love and cry about together. What may move one person, may not for others. Yet, the ability that music moves and is ever changing as well as forever evolving is pretty incredible.

I can remember listening to cassette tapes as a young child on the big box stereo whether it was to express my happiness and joy, sulk in tears or lash out in anger, music was the constant component of my life. And lately, I’ve somehow felt like music has failed me to some sense. Not that I am entitled to anything, but I find myself reverting back to the oldies because music isn’t the same anymore. They no long provoke emotions, tell stories or have the capabilities to make us simply, feel.

Life would have it that I come across moments where it reveals that music is life and life is music.

And this was a funny moment, stemming from the mere fact that the artist I happen to shazam, was a band in South Korea (really??) and happened to be heavily infused with American grit and culture in a three “piece” member band.

So of course, to whatever my intentions were or objectives, and even preconceived notions about this band, I did some research and came across something that has stuck with me for the past 48 hours compelling me to write it down on “paper and pen.”

This isn’t my story, and probably not mine to tell (but would love the opportunity to). His story has been compelling and moving. Due  to a freak accident, for lack of a better word, James Lee of the band Royal Pirates experienced something none of us hopefully will ever have to. Through something so life altering with the possibility of amputation preventing him to play music as a bass guitarist, he keeps his spirit alive. Undergoing multiple surgeries to keep his hand functioning to continue to play music in some capacity is truly, admirable.

James’ story, while horrific and terrifying resonates metaphorically with the millions of us out there trying to pursue something we love and dream about ever since we could walk and talk facing some monumental obstacles. Through his journey, he  has reminded me of a few things I have ignored for the past few months.

I am a passionate person.

It has both helped and deterred me in situations. Grandpa Oh used to say that I had too many tears, one would argue that I was just a very sensitive child. But Grandma and Grandpa knew something in me that has paved way for some life changing opportunities that I would have never had otherwise. “Your tears will someday help change the world.” And while I am still figuring out the “how” to it all, I think I’ve got a good idea. If I could borrow the great Dr. Martin Luther King’s words, “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Whatever capacity that may be, we start to change the world with words, thoughts and ideas. And I so welcome that.

For me, its through music and words. It is music and they are words. So for the few that might come across this page, I  challenge you, to think about and put in to action what you are most passionate about. Because without that passion, life doesn’t have much meaning or rewards to reap. Being passionate about something doesn’t mean you’re weak, it solidifies what you stand for, what you believe in with every fiber of your body and what you know in your heart you are meant to do. Your purpose and your purpose driven life.

And however that journey reveals itself, or requires you to search high and low for opportunities, its what drives us and enables us to be the best and strongest person for ourselves and contribute to a better world-in this all too jaded society where we’re taught and engaged in mindless behavior, numb to what exhilarations of life  there is to enjoy and discover.

So, for those looking for inspiration, I leave you with James. A young, passionate and seemingly really down-to-earth person who has endeavored some unimaginable hurdles to pursue his journey and his dreams by changing his perspectives and creating opportunities to continue what he loves to do, to play music for the millions of his fans who stay loyal to the Royal Pirates seeking escape from their otherwise hectic daily lives.

I truly hope that the band makes their way to the US so I can attend a live show.

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