Internationally Known and Rocking the Microphone

The universal language of music seems to be pumping in neon lights displayed across the 2,750 seats in the auditorium of the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta, GA Friday night, a truly electrifying moment. The patrons standing on their feet are eagerly awaiting their favorite band to start the show. Only a few moments later the room is filled with eruptions of screams and enthusiasm from those who call themselves die-hard fans also known as iGOT7’s. This explosive energy that exudes from every fan, is met equally by exuberant performers. GOT7.

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This Is Acting

Sia’s seventh album, “This Is Acting” is created with the intent she wrote “for other people” she told nme during her interview. Throughout her extensive career, Sia has written for artists like Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce and Rhianna just to name a few. This album stems from that, speaking on behalf of others saying, “…I didn’t go in thinking this is something I would say. It’s more like play acting.” Read More

Nine Track Mind

From an appearance on one of the most widely watched day time television shows, to landing a spot on Ellen Degeneres’ record label to a major record label, the New Jersey native has certainly made big waves in the pop charts in the last few years. Charlie Puth, better known to many fans for his acoustic renditions of Adele’s “Someone Like You,” and Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now,” has become the new face of the cell phone wall papers and ringtones to every teenager around the world.

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Cheers To The Fall

Stevie Wonder, Questlove, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Adele, Melanie Fiona and Amy Winehouse. All of whom are recognized for their astounding contributions to the music industry and all in association with this artist. Yet, the  “Cheers to the Fall” jazz soulful singer Andra Day is an underappreciated artist that every one needs to have added to their CD collection, should people still own CDs. Andra Day’s honest interpretation of music and sincerity in her performance sets her far apart from some of her peers. And Let’s not forget that none other than Stevie Wonder who discovered her.
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It’s funny, being clear across the world in Asia, I thought it would be a nightmare trying to keep up and discover great new music. It is however proving to be less trying, fortunately. My newest find. Read More


I would describe my perfect day taking a contemplative drive on a Sunday afternoon around Los Angeles, the sun, my backdrop of infinite possibilities and dreams. Trugman’s “Marionette” is the perfect soundtrack for such a day. It is a great melting pot of unassuming sounds of vulnerability and honesty-an excellent blend for self-reflection.  Read More